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 First thread, boy oh boy!

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PostSubject: First thread, boy oh boy!   Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:04 pm

Alright, so I'm starting to incorporate lyrics into my music, and would kind of like a general consensus on these. Also, lyrics writing in general:
Bipolar tendencies
Bring out the best and worst of me
My life being like a violent sea
Silently wishing for constancy

Emotions swiftly going out of control
Severed steering slides from my soul
Sometimes I feel as black as coal
This is much like a tax; a toll

Will it ever stay in one place?
Will I ever be able to keep one face?
Will my heart be able to keep one pace?
Will it forever be held together by lace?

So flimsy and loose the material is
That at first appears to be bliss
But within a second, I hear a hiss
And then like death, it's left like a kiss

Left drowning in the aforementioned ocean
Letting the seawater fill me like a potion
Perhaps if I let it come over my emotion
It will make silent all of my commotion

Left or right? It's all ambidexterous
This nagging feeling is quite monstrous
But for now I sit alone and fuss
Please, somebody, take me away to the rush

of happiness.

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First thread, boy oh boy!
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